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For Chocolate Lovers

For Chocolate Lovers

I saw this on Pinterest and had to upload it to my blog..
Story of my life — MUST have chocolate!

Weekly High Fives

So this post is running late since I was down with the cold all weekend.. brrr

This past week feels like such a blur and went by super quick.. I suppose that gives me even more reason to rewind it and be thankful for the little things that happened to make my week all smiles 🙂

1. The little things that my fiance does. When the person you love/care about doesn’t do what you want them to do, it’s easy to forget all the small things that they DO that make the relationship so beautiful!

2. The yellows, oranges and reds of Fall. I can’t help but stare in awe as I pass all these different hues of leaves. Such a great reminder that nature is ever-changing and so are we and our lives!

3. The flu shot! I truly believe I would have been “sicker” had I not gotten the flu shot earlier in September.

4. Good friends — so hard to find and even harder to keep! A great big shout out to all of you — You know who you are 🙂

5. My dad a.k.a Papa — for all the support no matter where and when I falter. I wouldn’t be pursuing my career in medicine if it wasn’t for his support together with my Mom!

Short story — A camping adventure

I used to write fictional short stories when I was in 7th grade and that continued well until I graduated from high school. I found this one in my “stuff” as I was sorting this past week when I was visiting home.
Decided to publish it on my blog. It is from 12 years ago! Hope you enjoy it!


The African sun rose steadily spreading its golden rays in the vast land of Kilimanjaro. The glorious morning beauty stunned me. The chirping of the birds, the rustling of the leaves, the howling of the wolves and the hyena’s laughter filled the air with unsolved mystery, compelling me to wander a little bit interior, away from the camping site, in search of some excitement.

We had been strictly warned of moving into the woods without a guide, but curiosity got the better of me. I tiptoed away, leaving my buddies fast asleep. I came across a heard of antelopes with gorgeous streamlined bodies. I was amazed by the many species of animals and birds. What a wonderful world existed.

I was lost in these beautiful thoughts when I suddenly cause sight of a gorgeous golden mane. I couldn’t believe it! A lion lay hidden by a bush just a few miles away from me. Fear struck me like a thunderbolt. I wanted to run away as fast as I could but the fascinating sight glued me firmly to the ground. The lion turned its head and there lay a lioness and two cubs. What an amazing sight it was.

The pride was unaware of my presence and I was grateful for that. I wanted to retreat quietly when I caught a glimpse of the huge mighty elephant. The herd of elephants trumpeted noisily disturbing the peaceful pride. I held my breath and closed my eyes. I prayed for a miracle because I surely knew that if the pride headed my way, I would be dead meat!. After a few minutes, with nothing serious taking place, I slowly opened my eyes just to see the last elephant disappearing into the thicket and to my utter surprise, the lions were nowhere to be seen. What a relief!

Without thoughts of further temptations, I got back to the camp, safe and sound. The adventure within those short morning hours will last me a lifetime.

Weekly High Fives

It is crazy how we don’t realize how much we have until we start keeping an eye out for them. This week has been one of those for me. I just feel extremely grateful for everything and everyone in my life!

1. Being home in Florida — love spending time with my family!

2. A much-needed coffee date with a really good friend of mine from high school 🙂

3. Anticipation for the birth of my future nephew/niece! My brother and his wife are expecting their first child some time next month and I can not wait to be an aunt!!

4. Friends who I can count on — I had to return back late at night due to a delay of my flight and two of my friends came to get me from the airport at 1 am, while a third let me pick my car up from her house on the way back from the airport! The value of good friendships is priceless!

5. The luxury of having two families after getting engaged.. coming back from one was definitely not as difficult as it used to be!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Weekly High Fives

Since I have been so busy this weekend, here’s my weekly list of things that made a difference in my week!

So the past week has felt like such a roller-coaster but I couldn’t be more thankful for all that has worked out for me 🙂

1. Lesson learned: never procrastinate

2. Celebrating a really close friend’d birthday with her and her family – so thankful for them making me feel like I’m part of the family!

3. Flying home to Florida!

4. Spending time with the family — chai with the ladies in the morning, chai with Papa in the evenings, cards, TV, talks, and lots of fun with the siblings, cooking, cleaning, organizing and just having a great time doing nothing — LOVE it!

5. Looking through pictures from my childhood.

Hope my Canadian friends and family had a good Thanksgiving!!

Surah Ar-Rahman

Surah Ar-Rahman

This is one of my favorites from the Quran. I was listening to the recitation this morning and felt like I needed to share it on my blog. Every time I recite it or listen to the recitation, a sense of peace flows in my heart and I absolutely LOVE the feeling. It truly is my calming medicine!

I have attached the translation for this beautiful surah for you to be enlightened as well. Hope it brings you the same emotions it brings me.

Let us stop whining, complaining, being disappointed, upset, angry, etc because God has given us so much to be thankful about..

“So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?” ❤