Weekly High Fives

Woohoo! I made it on a Sunday.. lol

This week I am thankful:

1. For the opportunity to assist in surgeries during my rotation. The human body is already so incredible and adding the science and technology of being able to perform things like surgeries laparoscopically is so very cool! I love it!

2. For finally having some time to go out for dinner with my fellow students. Found this small Thai restaurant that had delicious food!

3. For the ability to make a difference in someone’s life. A cancer patient I followed-up on all week, took a picture with me the day before her discharge so she can remember me. She called me her “sunshine” 😀

4. For indulging in cupcakes this weekend! Tried out two different places, Ethereal Cupcakes and Williamsburg Cupcakes. Ethereal is definitely going to be my weekend go-to place to unwind and enjoy the cafe atmosphere while I study.

5. For being able to have some time to enjoy the little things that make life fun.. like cupcakes, dinner and going to watch The Hunger Games – Catching Fire!


Weekly High Fives

I’m late for my weekly post again!! However, I’ve had a crazy weekend on-call for my surgery rotation and couldn’t have been happier to get some sleep last night. This past week has been incredible and I’ll have to think really hard to pick only 5 things that made it what it turned out to be 🙂 So, here goes..

1. Surgery rotation in Hampton, VA — despite struggling with the decision of whether to do this rotation and relocate or not, this might be the second best (first being that I went to Medical school) decision I have done in terms of my learning towards becoming an M.D. Great doctor, great facility, great staff, friendly fellow students, and in general a great experience.

2. Life — so very thankful for my life, my fiance’s life, my mom’s life, my dad’s life, my family’s lives, my friends’ lives, and my extended family’s lives. Being at the hospital and coming across so many critically ill patients just makes me so very thankful for the fact that my loved ones and I are living a healthy life in comparison.

3. My patients who made all the running around the hospital that I did this weekend worthwhile by communicating appreciation. Many times we forget to give thanks but it’s a small gesture that can make a huge difference!

4. The strength that God has given me to be able to work long hours and help and learn is what keeps me going 🙂

5. My family and friends — for being there when I need them!

Science.. my first love maybe?

My mind has been racing and there are so many times when I just want to write/type it all out. But with my busy schedule at the moment it is hard to want to do what I want to do. However, I figured I will take a moment and type this out since I just realized exactly why I enjoy being in the field that I am in. It is not just medicine that I find interesting, it is ALL of Science — from the human body, to the environment and to space and beyond. I simply find it fascinating and that is what keeps me interested and wanting to continue learning more. Science helps us imagine and reach beyond our limitations and boundaries. It lets us dream. It makes us explore and discover. It entertains. And most of all it unfolds the mysteries of life which are so very interesting.

Okay that’s it for my thoughts in words about my love for Science 🙂

Weekly High Fives

Another late weekly post due to my relocation to Virginia this weekend.. The past week feels like a blur due to the crazy weekend I’ve had moving and trying to settle into a new place — couldn’t have done it without Saad and so very glad he was able to drive down with me 🙂

1. A fun until-we-meet-again dinner with my friends in Michigan.

2. My last cup of Tim Hortons for the time being. I really love the French Vanilla Cappuccino!

3. A great 600+ mile road trip to Hampton, Virginia.

4. Being able to find accommodation that is comfortable for me 🙂

5. A wonderful weekend with my fiance who I will so dearly miss during this surgery rotation.

Weekly High Fives

This week I’m struggling with my Weekly High Fives 😦
I’m left to wonder whether I’m not being thankful or if my idea of being thankful is based on fun, exciting, cool things that take place each week? This is probably the exact reason why these weekly high fives are so important — they are a reminder to live life feeling thankful for everything you have, no matter how big or small.

I guess we all have these days, weeks, months when everything just seems routine like and normal. But I refuse to let this hold me back from giving thanks and for appreciating what I have.

1. Allah (God) — faith is what makes me a better person and I could never be thankful enough for that!

2. Family — despite the ups and downs, time spent with them is one of the best ever and I love them so very much!

3. Friends — so difficult to make good friendships but I feel blessed to have some amazing ones!

4. My additional new family — who have all been so welcoming and accepting of me into their family.

5. Saad — awesome fiance and bestest friend.