Weekly High Fives

This week I’m struggling with my Weekly High Fives đŸ˜¦
I’m left to wonder whether I’m not being thankful or if my idea of being thankful is based on fun, exciting, cool things that take place each week? This is probably the exact reason why these weekly high fives are so important — they are a reminder to live life feeling thankful for everything you have, no matter how big or small.

I guess we all have these days, weeks, months when everything just seems routine like and normal. But I refuse to let this hold me back from giving thanks and for appreciating what I have.

1. Allah (God) — faith is what makes me a better person and I could never be thankful enough for that!

2. Family — despite the ups and downs, time spent with them is one of the best ever and I love them so very much!

3. Friends — so difficult to make good friendships but I feel blessed to have some amazing ones!

4. My additional new family — who have all been so welcoming and accepting of me into their family.

5. Saad — awesome fiance and bestest friend.


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