Weekly High Fives

I’m late for my weekly post again!! However, I’ve had a crazy weekend on-call for my surgery rotation and couldn’t have been happier to get some sleep last night. This past week has been incredible and I’ll have to think really hard to pick only 5 things that made it what it turned out to be 🙂 So, here goes..

1. Surgery rotation in Hampton, VA — despite struggling with the decision of whether to do this rotation and relocate or not, this might be the second best (first being that I went to Medical school) decision I have done in terms of my learning towards becoming an M.D. Great doctor, great facility, great staff, friendly fellow students, and in general a great experience.

2. Life — so very thankful for my life, my fiance’s life, my mom’s life, my dad’s life, my family’s lives, my friends’ lives, and my extended family’s lives. Being at the hospital and coming across so many critically ill patients just makes me so very thankful for the fact that my loved ones and I are living a healthy life in comparison.

3. My patients who made all the running around the hospital that I did this weekend worthwhile by communicating appreciation. Many times we forget to give thanks but it’s a small gesture that can make a huge difference!

4. The strength that God has given me to be able to work long hours and help and learn is what keeps me going 🙂

5. My family and friends — for being there when I need them!


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