Weekly High Fives

Woohoo! I made it on a Sunday.. lol

This week I am thankful:

1. For the opportunity to assist in surgeries during my rotation. The human body is already so incredible and adding the science and technology of being able to perform things like surgeries laparoscopically is so very cool! I love it!

2. For finally having some time to go out for dinner with my fellow students. Found this small Thai restaurant that had delicious food!

3. For the ability to make a difference in someone’s life. A cancer patient I followed-up on all week, took a picture with me the day before her discharge so she can remember me. She called me her “sunshine” 😀

4. For indulging in cupcakes this weekend! Tried out two different places, Ethereal Cupcakes and Williamsburg Cupcakes. Ethereal is definitely going to be my weekend go-to place to unwind and enjoy the cafe atmosphere while I study.

5. For being able to have some time to enjoy the little things that make life fun.. like cupcakes, dinner and going to watch The Hunger Games – Catching Fire!


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