Your TED-inspired New Year’s resolutions

As I think about my own resolutions for next year, I came across this post that has some great suggestions.
I was also thinking about the processes more than the outcomes while making my resolutions 🙂

TED Blog


If you’re dreading the inevitable day your New Year’s resolutions—to lose weight, get a better job, and drink less, perhaps?—fall flat, it might be because you need different resolutions. Instead of focusing on outcomes, why not set your sights on process this year? Here, 10 resolutions inspired by TED Talks. They just might inspire you in turn.

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Resolution #1: Make time to make art.
From the talk: 
Young-ha Kim’s “Be an artist, right now!”
“There are hundreds of reasons why we can’t be artists right now,” says Korean author Young-ha Kim—that is, all the reasons we invent when we’re too scared or intimidated. But, Kim reminds us, “We are all born artists.” Unleash those suppressed artistic impulses: take an acting class, buy some paint, or just sit with a notebook and write like crazy.
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Resolution #2: Take charge of your love life.
From the talk: 

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Last Sunday of 2013!

Hello readers,
First, I’m sorry for missing my Weekly High Fives last Sunday (I was having too much of a good time visiting my fiance and totally forgot to write!).. next, I don’t think I’ll be writing High Fives today either.. Why?

Well, I decided to make today an annual review since this year is only 2 days away from coming to an end and Monday, Tuesday will be rather difficult to sit down and write. 2013 has been great and there is so much to be thankful for.. Let’s begin..

My friend Gingin moved to Chicago at a time when I really needed her.. I whined, cried, complained, stressed, and everything in between with her! Throughout the rest of the first half of the year, it was lovely to be able to see her and spend time with her. Truly truly miss having her around now that I have moved out of Chicago.

Early this year, I also met two extremely sweet young ladies with whom my friendship has just grown exponentially throughout the remainder of the year. Pooja and Karen — you two made ID rotation bearable! I am so lucky to have found these two very loving souls to add to my friends! With Karen, I’ve enjoyed lots of cupcake explorations and Devon street at its best!

Chicago also gave me 3 more very close friendships — Yamuna, Akash, and Devanshu.. together with Karen and myself, we like to call ourselves the Famous Five! I have lived and loved all the moments to their fullest with these guys in Chicago! From the Step 2CS studying to crazy late night cravings and adventures, to having a heart-to-heart for hours, to board game nights, dinners, free movie screenings, birthday celebrations, long drives to rotations, discussing best options for exams and residency, and just simply being there for each other.. and more!! I hope and pray that we always remain such good friends!

In general, Chicago up to August 2013 was a great experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! Passed my CS, completed 4/6 of  my core rotations, made new friends, tried lots of food places, explored the city, lost weight, and had a blast!

Then came the rest of 2013.. which seems to have gone by in a flash! The biggest change in my life in 2013 has been officially having a significant other and I can not even begin to explain how special this has been and how happy I am. I couldn’t have asked for a better “better-half” than Saad. I’ve known him for some time now but getting to know the rest of his family and the extremely warm acceptance that I have received in unparalleled. A quote just popped in my mind as I am writing this and so I must share it.. “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want to start the rest of your life as soon as possible.”

Speaking of family, I must say that 2013 would have not been what it is if it wasn’t for the support of my parents, siblings and sister-in-law. Through all the ups and downs, joys and sorrows, fights and make-ups.. I wouldn’t be the person I am without them. And of course, the most special thing to have happened this year is the birth of my nephew, Arhaan! There are no words to express the joy I felt when I heard about him and saw his first picture! My heart exploded through my eyes and I cried when I was happy — that had never happened before! I don’t know where this love for him comes from, but I haven’t felt like this for anyone else. I can only imagine what it must be like to have your own child if this is how I feel about my nephew. May he have the best of everything, always!

And last but not the least, there are a few people without whom I can not imagine surviving this roller-coaster journey that we call “life”.. Irena, Maria, Saeera — THANK YOU girlies! xoxo

So basically, 2013 has been a good year. Made new friends, connected with old ones, strengthened existing ones, enjoyed family (especially now that I feel like I have double the family :)), learned a lot about myself, studied and practiced the clinical aspect of medicine, and had a wonderful time.

Thank you to everyone who crossed my path this year because in some way or another you have made this year great!

Hoping 2014 will be better and greater! Have some resolutions, plans, changes for the coming year.. more to come on my New Year’s post 🙂


Lots of thoughts racing in my head today.. time to unload some..
I hear so much about regret all the time that I had to jot down some of my opinions about it.

I feel that I should rather regret the things that I have done than feel regret for the things that I didn’t do..

The things that I will do that will make me regret them are those that will teach me something and make me a better person. On the other hand, the things that I will not do in fear of regretting in the future, will make me stagnant in life and leave me to wonder for as long as I live, “what if?”. And although some people may feel comfortable with that, I don’t want to live my life with a bunch of what ifs.. I want to make mistakes and I want to fail because only then will I learn and eventually succeed. Falling doesn’t have to mean you have to stay down, it only gives you the opportunity to get up and become stronger than you even were before!

In the end, regret is for mistakes.. and mistakes are a learning experience of life..
I want to accept my regrets and find peace that I learned something from the mistakes I’ve made.
Yes, don’t do things that you know are dangerous or that will cause you harm, but listen to your heart and know your instincts. And if your heart feels happy and at peace, the mistake is worth making!

Would love to hear from some of you on your thoughts on this..

Weekly High Fives

Yikes.. I’m a day late AND almost forgot this one..
If I was to describe this last week in one word, it would be “bittersweet”.
Here are my happy moments from the week:

1. For finally making it back to Hampton WITH my bag after a flight cancellation and bag rerouting earlier in the week.

2. For the memories I have from meeting my one and only nephew, Arhaan — miss him terribly but the 5 days spent with him were wonderful!

3. For the last couple cupcake dates with a colleague from my rotation — already miss her since this was her last week 😦

4. For being able to see a friend I haven’t in 2 years and being able to spend her birthday with her. It was really nice meeting her family and hanging out with all of them 🙂

5. For a fun late birthday dinner with half my Chicago favorites! Always so good to be hanging out with them. Too bad the other half is dispersed and the rest of us here in VA have conflicting schedules to be able to meet as often as we’d like. Nevertheless, it was a good evening 🙂

Weekly High Fives

This week has been one of my favoritest weeks of the year 🙂 Here are the highlights that have totally rocked this week..

1. Meeting my nephew, Arhaan for the very first time! He is ADORABLE!

2. Birthday celebrations with my sister after 3yrs!

3. Celebrating my 28th birthday 😀

4. Being able to spend 5 days at home with the family.

5. Meeting two of my friends from high school who I haven’t met in some time now.

It’s December!

It's December!

December is my favoritest month of the year.
It brings me so much joy when it finally arrives..

December to me means birthdays, cake, fireworks, the holidays, fun, happiness, family, cold temperatures, warm, cozy stuff, hot chocolate, cookies, peppermint mocha, candy, desserts, homemade classic foods, boots, sweaters, holiday lights, snow (if I’m up north), holiday music, love in the air, the festive atmosphere, ice-skating, presents, shopping and more..

So I hope everyone has an amazing December and enjoy it as much as I do!

Weekly High Fives

Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all enjoyed the time spent with family and friends since each one of those moments is precious.
I was not able to go home this Thanksgiving since I was on-call at the hospital AND flight tickets are super expensive during this time of the year (all these airlines trying to capitalize on people’s emotions on wanting to be with loved ones during the holiday season!!).

Since I had some time after I got off work (knock-on-wood, there is no emergency for which we are called back to the hospital) and before heading out for Thanksgiving Dinner with a fellow medical student, I thought I’d write this quick post.. but little did I know that I wouldn’t get a chance to finish it off and put it up so I decided to use it as my weekly high fives series.

I have no limit for giving thanks this week.. but here’s my top 5 for the week..
I’m feeling thankful:

— For my family this Thanksgiving 🙂 Couldn’t thank God enough for giving them life and keeping them safe!


— For the safe arrival of the newest member of our family, Arhaan!




— For having the best fiance that I could have hoped for! xoxoxo


— For the friendships that I have with the following individuals.. I think they all deserve a personal mention here today!
Maria and Saeera, Irena, Gina, Sheliza, Vanessa, Panthini, Ferdos, Julie, Ada, Anita and Krupali, Mitul, Hardeep, Anuja, Akash, Yamuna, Karen, Devanshu, Pooja, Umair, Ahlaam, Gary, Shraddha, Richa, Parminder, Renay, Charmaine — some of you I’m not in touch with as much as I’d have hoped for but you all have played some part in making things easier for me at some point in time!
I have too many friends to write them all out here today but please, if you are not on my list above, by no means does it mean that you are not important and I love you too just as much!

— For moving closer each day to becoming a Doctor!!