Weekly High Fives

Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all enjoyed the time spent with family and friends since each one of those moments is precious.
I was not able to go home this Thanksgiving since I was on-call at the hospital AND flight tickets are super expensive during this time of the year (all these airlines trying to capitalize on people’s emotions on wanting to be with loved ones during the holiday season!!).

Since I had some time after I got off work (knock-on-wood, there is no emergency for which we are called back to the hospital) and before heading out for Thanksgiving Dinner with a fellow medical student, I thought I’d write this quick post.. but little did I know that I wouldn’t get a chance to finish it off and put it up so I decided to use it as my weekly high fives series.

I have no limit for giving thanks this week.. but here’s my top 5 for the week..
I’m feeling thankful:

— For my family this Thanksgiving 🙂 Couldn’t thank God enough for giving them life and keeping them safe!


— For the safe arrival of the newest member of our family, Arhaan!




— For having the best fiance that I could have hoped for! xoxoxo


— For the friendships that I have with the following individuals.. I think they all deserve a personal mention here today!
Maria and Saeera, Irena, Gina, Sheliza, Vanessa, Panthini, Ferdos, Julie, Ada, Anita and Krupali, Mitul, Hardeep, Anuja, Akash, Yamuna, Karen, Devanshu, Pooja, Umair, Ahlaam, Gary, Shraddha, Richa, Parminder, Renay, Charmaine — some of you I’m not in touch with as much as I’d have hoped for but you all have played some part in making things easier for me at some point in time!
I have too many friends to write them all out here today but please, if you are not on my list above, by no means does it mean that you are not important and I love you too just as much!

— For moving closer each day to becoming a Doctor!!



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