Lots of thoughts racing in my head today.. time to unload some..
I hear so much about regret all the time that I had to jot down some of my opinions about it.

I feel that I should rather regret the things that I have done than feel regret for the things that I didn’t do..

The things that I will do that will make me regret them are those that will teach me something and make me a better person. On the other hand, the things that I will not do in fear of regretting in the future, will make me stagnant in life and leave me to wonder for as long as I live, “what if?”. And although some people may feel comfortable with that, I don’t want to live my life with a bunch of what ifs.. I want to make mistakes and I want to fail because only then will I learn and eventually succeed. Falling doesn’t have to mean you have to stay down, it only gives you the opportunity to get up and become stronger than you even were before!

In the end, regret is for mistakes.. and mistakes are a learning experience of life..
I want to accept my regrets and find peace that I learned something from the mistakes I’ve made.
Yes, don’t do things that you know are dangerous or that will cause you harm, but listen to your heart and know your instincts. And if your heart feels happy and at peace, the mistake is worth making!

Would love to hear from some of you on your thoughts on this..


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