14-day Flat Tummy Challenge

After completing my Low-Carb Challenge for the month of January, I lost about 5-7lbs and have been able to maintain it so far since I have been staying active for the most part. My diet has gone somewhat down the drain but I am most definitely watching what I eat and balancing it out with activity. My favorite part is of course my cutie-pie nephew who plays a key role in keeping me on my feet when I’m not at my rotation or studying.

I hadn’t thought of this but since one of my best friends asked if I would like to join her in this 14-day flat tummy challenge, I decided that I’ll try to do something different every month in order to remain focused on getting a healthier me as well as change it up for my body so it doesn’t get used to the same routine for too long.

So February will be this 14-day challenge which begins tomorrow. I’m not sure if I’ll be posting any before and after pictures yet since I am a little too conscious about that but who knows, I just might.. especially, if I get followers doing this with me 😉

It’s basically a plank challenge in order to engage your core. The Challenge is created by a mom who is a weight loss coach helping busy moms get fit. Her videos are on YouTube and she also has a Facebook page. My friend who suggested this is a mommy herself but this is a great plan for anyone (like me), trying to fight that belly!

These are some pointers to prepare you for Day 1. I’ll post the video from her tomorrow.

— 90% clean eating, 10% indulgence

— remove sugars from your diet

— eat at least 100grams of protein per day

— get your leafy green vegetables in your diet

— at least 3 full body strength work outs and 3 interval training work outs per week

This is the link to the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FitYummyMummy

I hope some of you decide to do this with me and my two best friends!


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