Day 3: 14-day Flat Tummy Challenge

Hello friends,
So I haven’t been able to find the Day 3 video but I decided I would still write my update anyway.
Holding the planks for 20 seconds each hasn’t been too too bad.. I’m thinking of going up to 25 seconds but debating whether to do it starting today or wait till tomorrow :S

So far, I have done my planks for 2 days as well as a Kickboxing class and a Zumba class! I think I’m doing good and back on track with my “obsession” to work out  😉 Thought I would put that in there since the recent news about hating on Rachel, Biggest Loser 15 Champ, made me upset! Yes, being underweight is as much of a bad thing as being overweight is but if she is obsessing about exercising to maintain her weight rather than weight loss, what’s the problem there?

Oh well, so I’m doing good on the exercise part but not too crazy on the diet. I feel like I can either obsess on exercise or on my diet.. can’t seem to do both.. lol! But I LOVE food and have always seen that as long as I eat in moderation and exercise at least 3-4 times a week, weight maintenance is no problem! I’m quite satisfied with where my weight is right now, however, I definitely want to/need to tone up 🙂 So, since my brother added me to his gym membership (and I love him for that!!), I get a free personal trainer session to start off with. I have set up my appointment for today and will be getting measurements taken and a plan set for my goals! I am super excited 😀

I’ll follow with personal trainer session updates tomorrow!

P.S. I had the best raspberry chocolate cupcake last night 😉

Happy Thursday!


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