Day 5: 14-day Flat Tummy Challenge

Hello everyone!
So I just realized that the videos I’m “following” for this 14-Day Flat Tummy Challenge are not daily videos and mostly have advise and motivation. I mean duh! It’s just planks 😉

I didn’t go up to the 25 seconds yesterday but will be trying that today and see how it goes. So far the planks are coming along fine. Still trying to work on the diet — it’s just so hard when there is so much around you in the house! I’ve been back home for 2 weeks now and have been drinking soda (P.S. I would only drink soda on VERY rare occasions when I lived on my own) so I was thinking this morning that my first goal to work on a good diet is to eliminate soda again. If you are into sodas too, let’s do it together!

Something to ponder about:
Sugars cause your body to go to work to prevent high blood sugars that can cause you to die. So your body can either 1. use it up as energy (possible if you are active and working out), 2. store it in the liver (if the liver sugar storage has been depleted by using the previously stored sugars), or 3. store it as FAT.
Amount of sugar that your blood can hold at any given point in time to be normal = about 12 grams
Amount of sugar in a can of coke = 33 grams

Therefore, NO MORE SODA for me AND YOU!

Happy Saturday!


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