A lot on my plate!

Hello friends,
I hope everyone is enjoying March. I know places in the North don’t feel much like Spring but I hear there has been some sort of a break and temperatures did go into the positives. That’s a good start I guess. 
For me, the year is already moving toooo fast! There is no time to stop and take a break! I felt like I had time to do everything that I want to and need to do. But it just has made me feel overwhelmed and I haven’t been very productive. So I decided to write since that usually helps me. 

To start with, I’m getting married and there is all the wedding planning stuff going on which is fun but definitely takes up time. Then, there is my rotation that I’m doing and need to commit at least 2 days of the week for that. Next, is my favorite thing to do in the world.. hanging out with my nephew Arhaan!! He is so so adorable and I just can’t seem to focus on anything else when I have time to spend with him! Then of course is my continuous studying for the boards — I don’t feel prepared but time is just passing by and I feel like the time to take the exams will come sooner than I want it to! AND I need to sort through some paper work that’s sitting at my desk for the past couple weeks. In the midst of these important things are also little things that I want to do — like cleaning and organizing, hanging out with my mom, meeting up with friends, going to watch a movie, watching TV, sleeping in, talking to Saad, writing, looking for different cupcake places, going out to breakfast, or simply having a back and forth text conversation with a friend for more than 5 minutes! And of course, going to the gym!

Just writing about all this makes me tired! 

Maybe putting this out will help me start fresh tomorrow and start prioritizing and planning so that I can get everything done that needs to be done! Time to hit that RESET button!


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