Down Memory Lane..

I was in the zone today when it comes to getting my stuff organized and I came across this email that I received 8 years ago, from one of my bestest friends. And my heart is filled with so much joy to say that this friendship still holds the same warmth that it did then! I am sharing this poem that she wrote for me, here on my blog for two reasons, 1 – because she is an amazing writer and such an inspiration for my writing and 2 – because i want to save it forever on my blog! Love you Maria!

I sometimes think of the day we met
the times we’ve shared
for being the shoulder I could wet
for all the times you’ve shown you cared
I sometimes think of the years gone by
of the memories we have made
the way time does fly…
yet our friendship does not fade
I sometimes think of the friends we are
the friends we’ve been… the friends we’ll be
and whether we’re close or really far
You’ll always have a friend in me
And today I think.. its good bye to the teens
happy birthday… have a beautiful year
live life to the fullest.. thats what it means
even through the pain and fear…
Keep smiling, shoot for the stars
walk the path, run the race
you never know, you might reach mars
wherever you are.. leave your trace 🙂
Happy 20th Birthday Sabrina!!
lots of love, and hugs