Late night thoughts..

Hi friends,

I have missed writing but life has just come in the way! I guess it’s my fault too because I am not making time for it. Anyway, so as I was sitting here in my room, after everyone in the house went to sleep, I thought, why not take this time to reflect and do what I really enjoy, write!

I am one month away from my wedding day and things are starting to get real, as most would say. There are checklists to cross off and errands to run. But amidst all this hustle, there is joy in spending this last month at home with my family, laughter and unconditional love for my nephew Arhaan, and the peace and blessings of the month of Ramadan. I truly can’t be happier. 

As I prepare to start this new chapter of life, I feel truly lucky to have been around so many different kinds of people. This has taught me some very important life lessons that are endorsed by my mother dear. So here’s some food for thought straight from my head..

1. Make Allah/God your best friend. This one’s a tough one for most of us who have roots in the Asian sub-continent since God is presented to us as someone we should fear if we do wrong. I disagree. I feel that if you make Him your BFF, that’s all you really need. Your relationship with God is personal and no one should judge it. He knows best after all 🙂 

2. Be patient. Definitely my toughest but only God knows how much I try. Patience is such a virtue and I can’t stress enough how much this can work to your advantage.

3. Be persistent. If you believe in something, never give up on it. If you can create the feelings of having something before you have it, the universe will definitely rearrange itself to make it work for you! (Lesson from The Secret — P.S. it’s on Netflix the last time I checked)

4. Be positive.. ALWAYS. Okay, so maybe patience and positivity have a tie on which one of the two is tougher to do. One of my friends though will disagree and say that I am super positive. However, I know there’s room for improvement. Thinking positive yields positive outcomes! (another one from The Secret) 

5. Exercise humility. This one is definitely one taken from my dad. He always reminds us to keep our feet grounded and to live a simple life. If you are succeeding in life, it is by God’s grace. And there is always room for improving yourself and learning more. Never take things for granted.

6. Be thankful. I exercise this as much as I can. It gives me peace as well as makes me realize and feel how lucky I am. Always look at the person who is less fortunate than you instead of comparing yourself to the one who has more than you do.. and you will experience so much gratitude for what you have in life. 

7. Relationships are delicate. Treat them with care. Nurture them. Respect them. Consider them blessings. Again, be patient with your words. 

8. Some friends are truly forever! I have my bunch that I absolutely love and can’t wait to see them at my wedding! When you call someone your friend, mean it and show it. 

9. The power of words is underestimated. The method/way of communicating is equally important. Think before you speak. And own up to what you say. 

10. Life is a roller coaster. It has it’s ups and downs. It’s just about how long you decide to stay down before doing something about it — trust me, it is in YOUR hands. And the attitude you carry when you are up! 

Happy Living Guys! 

With so much going on in places around the world, more recently in Palestine, I truly hope that the happiness and togetherness of mankind eventually prevails. Testing times but if we all try and do our part, we can change what the world is becoming. Prayers for all those affected in political arguments and unsettlements. 

I hope everyone will start to count their blessings before bed every day.. 
P.S. being thankful all day helps you stay positive.. even if it’s small things. 
I used to write about things that I am thankful about.. might start doing that again. And as an example, I’ll list out all the things I will be thankful about tomorrow — even the tiniest ones 🙂 

Good night!